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Riverside Personal Injury Attorney

Legal Action for an Accident or Injury in Riverside

Thank you for visiting Pacific Attorney Group online. Our law firm is committed to helping people who have been injured in accidents or in situations caused by another's negligence or recklessness throughout the Riverside area. Whether you were injured in an auto accident of some kind, slipped and fell on another person's property or were injured by a defective product, a Riverside personal injury attorney at our offices can talk to you about your legal rights and your options in this important matter. We can help determine what right you have to seek money from the person that caused your injuries and can protect your rights in your insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit.

Your initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer at our law offices is free and confidential. We take on cases that involve all types of motor vehicle accidents, including pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, drunk driving accidents, trucking accidents,rollover accidents and bicycle accidents, as well as cases that involve dog bites and attacks,medical malpractice (such as medication errors),defective drugs, workplace accidents like construction accidents and toxic exposure. In addition to offering a free case evaluation, we offer our legal services at no out of pocket expense to you - you pay nothing unless we win your case.

Slip and Fall Accidents
A person may slip and fall for a number of reasons. Of course, not looking where you are walking is one issue that may cause a person to slip or trip and fall, but there are circumstances that are beyond one's control that may cause an accident of this kind to occur. When slip and fall accidents stem from negligence, the responsible party may be held accountable by way of a personal injury claim. Representing clients throughout the Riverside area, our team is committed to helping those who have slipped and fallen because of a hazardous condition on another's property. We can handle cases involving defective stairs, faulty carpeting, improperly placed floor or door mats, standing water, objects in walkways, poor lighting and faulty stair railings. With proper inspections and maintenance, these hazards should be repaired, but this does not always occur. Click here to read more about slip and fall accidents.

Have you been injured in the Riverside area?

A person who has been injured in an accident of some kind may be able to take legal action against the person or business that caused the incident. Personal injury law in California enables a person who has been injured due to another's intentional or negligent conduct to file a lawsuit against the responsible party to seek financial compensation. This compensation is awarded to the victim in order to help him or her with all the damages caused by the injury, potentially including medical care, future medical expenses, property damage and even emotional or psychological trauma. Working with a lawyer in these matters is important, as you will need an advocate for your rights and interests. You will need to prove that the other party actually caused your injuries, and this may be difficult if there is any question as to the cause of an accident or the extent of injury that a victim has sustained.

Importance of Hiring an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have recently been injured by the negligence or reckless behavior of another, it is in your best interests to get the involvement of an experienced Riverside personal injury attorney that you can trust. Dealing with this type of situation is never a simple one. Not only will you be forced to deal with the physical pain of an injury, but you will also be saddled with the financial burden of associated medical bills and the emotional distress influenced by a traumatic experience this nature. For this reason, having an experienced advocate on your side can be an invaluable asset. At our firm, we recognize how difficult it can be to move forward into something of this nature and we are firmly committed to ensuring that our clients receive the caring and supportive guidance that they deserve. We know what is at stake and we will fight tooth and nail to help defend it.

Personal Injury Attorney: Legal Aid You Can Trust

If you are currently facing a personal injury claim, you need to be confident that you have an experienced personal injury lawyer that you can fully trust. Accidents that involve situations such as defective auto products or even nursing home abuse can result in catastrophic injuries. These are not only painful; they are also costly and can be life-altering in nature. They can manifest in many different ways, including birth injuries,brain damage, burns, paralysis from a spinal cord injury or even mesothelioma.

At Pacific Attorney Group, we strongly believe in providing our clients with experienced legal assistance when they need it most. We know how frightening it can be to deal with a personal injury claim and we are therefore fully devoted to providing effective and careful legal advice in this trying time. Even in complex cases involving workers' compensation or a tragic wrongful death, we can be counted on to behave in a manner that is honest, trustworthy and always devoted to the best interests of the client.

To get started in receiving the legal help you need, contact a Riverside personal injury lawyer at Pacific Attorney Group today.

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