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FAQ: Riverside Personal Injury

On what grounds can I file a personal injury claim?

There are three primary grounds upon which a personal injury claim may be filed in Riverside, CA. These are negligence, strict liability or intentional wrongdoing. When a person causes you injury and any of these three factors are in play, this may mean that you will be able to seek justice and recover money for the injuries you have sustained. To see if you have grounds for your specific case, please contact an attorney at our offices for a free case review.

What will I need to prove to win my case?

To be successful in a Riverside personal injury claim, you will need to prove that:

  • The other party acted negligently or intentionally in some way;
  • You were injured; and
  • Your injuries resulted from the other party’s action or inaction.

That is the simplest breakdown of the factors that will need to be established to win your case, but this may vary depending on the particular situation.

What is my Riverside personal injury claim worth?

What your claim may be worth will vary depending on the specific accident or circumstances surrounding your injuries, the extent of injury you experienced, what impact these injuries will have on you now and in the future, and more. It will take a complete review of the matter to properly determine what amount of financial compensation you may be entitled to receive.

What types of damages can I receive compensation for?

Medical bills, medicine, medical supplies, ongoing medical care, lost wages from missed work, future loss of earnings, pain and suffering, psychological trauma and property damage are all areas for which a victim of a personal injury may be able to seek financial damages. This may vary depending on your particular case, however.

If my insurance company will cover my medical bills, why do I need an attorney?

Although your insurance company may pay initial medical costs associated with your injuries, you may be left wondering what can be done to cover future medical care, lost wages, and more. The insurance company, whether yours or the other party’s, may not honestly address your claim and or may offer you a settlement that is too low to cover all of your expenses. A Riverside personal injury attorney can handle all communication with the insurance company and can negotiate with the other party to seek the full financial compensation you need.

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